Kirsten and Jake's Rural Wedding

Jake and Kirsten!!

Enjoy a sneak peak of your wedding photos!

To everyone else, enjoy a recap of this beautiful Rural Michigan wedding.


The Bride and her main girls had a chill morning getting ready while they wore the absolute COMFIEST looking p.j.'s. It was clear that these bridesmaids wanted to help make this day the absolute best for Kirsten.

This snazzy looking man is the Groom, who was anxiously awaiting the arrival of his bride in the next few minutes!

Heart-warming watching Kirsten walk down the aisle, heart-warming watching Jake watch her, and heart-warming watching these two finally become one.

Such a fun bridal party! Jake and Kirsten have clearly surrounded themselves with people who love them very much.


Just a FEW of the absolutely gorgeous photos we took of Jake and Kirsten. These two are natural in front of the camera, even if they don't realize it. We love capturing these natural moments between husband and wife.

Cheers to new marriage, two families becoming one, and gauntlets full of Dr. Pepper!


I know Jake and Kirsten's hearts were full as they left their wedding, and I'm only guessing their mouths were full (of confetti) as well! Best of luck to these two as they take on life together!

Ian Rempel